Backup and Restore Best Practices recommends that backups are stored on different server (off-server) and stored on a different network.

We provide up to 50Gigs of backup storage for your account.  There is an automatic daily backup using a tool called server rewind. A restore can be done with just a couple clicks, and your files or databases are back in working order. No more waiting for a server admin to restore a file or an entire website when it all can be done within cPanel.  This can save hours in getting your website back online after small oops or a catastrophic failure.  An entire site can be restored, a single file, or an entire MySQL database.

We highly recommend that you use this feature instead of making backups that are store on your account.  Your account is not for storage, but for delivering fast and reliable web sites and should only contain files that support your website.   If your backups are stored on your account and your account is hacked, then your backup files could be compromised. However, with Server Rewind, all data are stored on a separated server (Best Practice).   If you still want an additional backup of your files, we recommend that you backup to an off-server with a company that specialized in backup and recovery, like Dropbox, Amazon, Google and etc.  using a plugin designed for that purpose.  In addition, you can use the backup feature located in cPanel to download a copy to your individual computer.